Destination Wedding Requirements

Marriage requirements for our featured destinations


Residency Period: 1 day Language: English 

Wedding Requirements:

  • You both must spend one day in Bahamas prior to submitting
    your application for a marriage license.
  • Fill out application for license at same time at registers office.
  • Pay nominal fee of $40.00, license valid 3 months (no blood test required)
  • Both parties must be in Bahamas when making application for license.
  • If either party is a minor under 18 years of age, parental consent is required.
    Obtain forms from Register General’s office.
  • If either party ever divorced, a certified or original final decree must be produced.
  • If either party is widowed, the death certificate of deceased spouse must be produced.
  • If any unmarried party is a resident of a country other than the US, a declaration certifying to the unmarried status must be sworn to before Notary Public or other person authorized to administer oaths in the country of residence.
  • This may also be prepared by an attorney or Notary Public in the Bahamas.
  • Photo ID issued from government office from country of residence must be produced.
  • Evidence of arrival in Bahamas must be produced; the Bahamas Immigration embarkation card will do.




Residency Period: None Language: English

Wedding Requirements:

It is very easy to get married in Barbados. There is no required waiting period or minimum length of stay. Application for a marriage license must be made by both parties in person at the office of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

  • Valid Passports or the original or certified copies of birth certificates.
  • If either party was divorced, an original Decree Absolute or a certified copy of the Final Judgement.
  • If either party was previously married and widowed, a certified copy of the
    Marriage Certificate and Death Certificate in respect of the deceased spouse.
  • Where necessary, all documents not in English must be accompanied by a certified translation.
  • Fees: if neither party is a citizen or resident of Barbados – BDS $150.00 cash and a $25.00 stamp.



Residency Period: None Waiting Period: None Language: Dominican

Wedding Requirements:

Weddings in the Dominican Republic are easy to arrange, thanks to local laws. Most larger hotels and resorts have on-site wedding coordinators to help with every detail from paperwork to photography. Coordinators need at least 15 days notice (but prefer at least three months to work out all the special details.)

Couples that wish to get married in the Dominican Republic will need to present the following documents in person or by mail to the Dominican Rep. Consulate or Dominican Republic Services (a company in Toronto which assists with the paperwork and legalities for getting married in the Dominican Rep.):

  • Valid passport (if sending by mail, send a photocopy of the page with the picture in it)
  • Original birth certificate that includes the names of the parents. (translated in Spanish)
  • Single Status Affidavit (translated in Spanish) (One per person).
  • Divorce Act (if married before) (translated in Spanish).



Residency Period: 24 hours Language: English 

Residency Period: You can marry after just 24 hours on the island if you’ve applied for your license and supplied all the necessary forms.

Wedding Requirements:

  • Proof of citizenship (either a passport or a certified copy of the birth certificates signed by a notary public)
  • Written parental consent for those under 18 years of age
  • Proof of divorce with the original or certified copy of the divorce decree if applicable
  • Copy of death certificate if a previous marriage ended in death.


Notice Period: 5 days Residency Period: None
Waiting Period: 3-10 days Language: English

Wedding Requirements:

  • Valid passports
  • Original birth certificates.
  • Original proof of decree if one of the parties is divorced.
  • Original death certificate in case of a widow or widower.
  • Original proof if there has been a name change by deed.
  • Consent of parents in form of an original affidavit by a notary public if either party is under 18 years of age.
  • All papers must be in English. The couple should allow about five days on island to process the documents before the ceremony; the process includes an application to marry made through a local lawyer. You will need to travel to the attorney’s office in person.


Residency Period: 48 hours Language: English

Wedding Requirements:

You’ll need original documents including a passport or certified birth certificate, an original or notarized divorce decree if applicable, notarized consent by parent or guardian if under age of 21. If you have had a name change, you will need a proof of Deed Poll or adoption. You’ll also need a letter stating your occupations, fathers’ names, your ages, marital status, and address. Documents must be in English or translated into English and notarized.

Residency Requirement: You’ll need to be on island for 48 hours before you can make the application for a marriage license; this must be done at the Registrar’s office on the island of Grand Turk or the hotel wedding coordinator can assist. Two or three days after this application is made, you can get married.


Language: Spanish

Wedding Requirements:

  • In Mexico, only civil wedding ceremonies are legal; these are officiated by a Justice of the Peace.
  • For the ceremony, you will both need certified copies of your birth certificates that have been previously legalized by the Consulate of Mexico with jurisdiction over the country of birth.
  • Couples also must bring passports and tourist cards (passport is now an entry requirement). A blood test is also required.
  • If either of you have previously been married, you must prove that it has been one year since the official dissolution of your last marriage or since the death of your previous spouse. This will require certified copies of the divorce decree or a certified death certificate.
  • The couple must also have two witnesses over age 18; witnesses must be over age 18 and need to bring ID as well as copies of the ID. It is also recommended that couples bring two copies of all their documentation.
  • Also, plan to be in the country five days before your ceremony to take care of translation of documents. Be sure to check with your wedding coordinator before your wedding as regulations are subject to change.
  • Each state in Mexico has its own marriage laws so some regulations may
  • vary from state to state.