Benefits of booking as a group

Learn how we can help you benefit from group travel


There is significant value in group travel. By booking a destination wedding package, you and your guests will benefit from savings and added incentives. For example, many all-inclusive resorts offer free wedding ceremonies, complimentary upgrades, and extra amenities, such as spa credits, for you and your fiancé. Not only will you benefit from a more cost-effective wedding and honeymoon, but your guests will enjoy discounted room rates as well that they normally wouldn’t receive on their family vacation.

Many travelers expect to find the best rates closer to the travel date. This is generally true because airlines and hotels offer discounts in order to fill empty seats and rooms so they don’t lose money. However, it’s important to note that regular travelling typically involves booking for only 1 person, a couple or sometimes a small group, as in family or friends. With a destination wedding, we’re dealing with a minimum of 10 people, more commonly groups of 30-50, and for some of the larger groups, we’ve helped over 100 people get to their destination wedding! Organizing a group of people together in one place at the same time is a complicated process.


Management of Guest Count: This will ensure that you can monitor the guest count as guests book their travel/accommodation; making the wedding planning process much easier & organized.

A group rate offers a confirmed discounted rate to all of the guests who will be attending your wedding and booking through the group rate.

When a group rate is booked , it ensures that the group will be traveling together from the same departure cities, it also means that the resort will allocate the rooms as close to each other as possible.

Certain resorts will offer promotions where the Bride/Groom will be able to receive a free wedding or cash back & free trips depending on how many guests have confirmed.

Transfers: Your guests will need transportation to and from the airport, this will need to be organized.

Schedule Changes: Flights are known to change. When a schedule change happens travel agents will stand up and take care of everything for your guests and ensure all options have been sought out prior to the passengers even being notified unless it is a major schedule change.

Over-bookings: If the hotel or airlines over-book (which does happen every day) people can and will get re-accommodated to other properties or flights, because they will not be classified as a group.

Peace of mind: By booking with a travel agent you will save yourself a whole lot of time and energy. This all equals stress. If something goes wrong, anything goes wrong, even as small as someone’s room is not close enough to the rest of the group’s rooms, you will hear about it. With peace of mind, you do not have to worry about dealing with your guests, airline, hotels, transfer companies, insurance companies, making payment arrangements, changes, change fees, cancellations, tickets, ticket issues etc. You will also have us in the office in case something goes wrong while you are in destination.

Customized packages: When booking a large group it is common that not all passengers can travel on the same days (perhaps due to work or school etc). We can make custom packages for them and they will still receive the group discount for the nights that they will be staying at the hotel. Also if some guests cannot afford to stay at the same property, we will find a resort close to yours and organize transportation and entrance to your resort on your Wedding date so that we can maximize the number of guests attending your special day.

Variance in pricing: There also could be large price variances for guests that book today, as opposed to those who book 3 months from now. Booking as a group helps level out the rates for everyone in the group.

Group Discount: These usually are offered for group sizes of 10 adults or more and the savings can range from anywhere between $100 – $500 per person. By having guests book on their own the cost that they could incur could be far greater then booking with a group rate.

Smaller Booking Deposit: Another advantage to booking as a group is that your guests need only put down their deposit of $150 – $200 per person at the time of booking. When guests book flights on their own, they will need to pay in full for the flights at time of booking.

Coordination of Payments: We ensure that we notify and collect all payments from all guests. Tour operators, airlines and hotels are strict in canceling reservations if not paid on time.

Higher Change Penalties: If any guest would like to change their reservation (add a person, change their name, room, dates etc), tour operators, airlines and hotels always enforce a high change penalty for each and every change. In a group booking scenario, many change penalties are waived.

Crisis Management: In the unlikely event of a crisis as seen in volcanic ash in Europe, Swine flu epidemic, civil war, hurricanes, earthquakes, resort explosions etc., we are there to get your guests out quickly and safely. We work around the clock and coordinate exit and alternative strategies with all of our travel providers.