How does it work

General overview on the process of planning your destination wedding

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we at Aisle Plan Your Day specialize in making your destination wedding dream a reality.

Let us assist you in offering that perfect balance of services to ensure your travel and wedding planning are looked after together!

We work closely with you to ensure a carefree, happy, and memorable event. No group is too big, too small or too unusual! You’ve got a group? We’ve got a destination for you and can plan an amazing and memorable wedding for you.

Aisle Plan Your Day understands all of the logistics involved in planning your special day in a destination wedding location. When planning a destination wedding, there are many factors to consider; and a specific process should be followed to ensure the needs of your guests are kept as a top priority and that the wedding details are looked after to the highest of standards.

This is a general overview of how we take on the process of
planning your destination wedding:

1. Aisle Plan Your Day will work with the Bride & Groom to choose a location within wedding budget and determined guest budget.

2. We will request the group rates through our travel provider: Travel Only; including any single occupancy guests, triple occupancy guests, one and two week duration rates, departures from cities in which your guests live, and child rates (providing their ages at the time of travel). Aisle Plan Your Day will provide the group travel rates and confirm pricing from each departure location.

3. The Bride & Groom will confirm the location of choice.

4. Aisle Plan Your Day will prepare the information for you to create your “Save the Date” notices for guests in preparation of deposit and booking details.

5. Aisle Plan Your Day will check & Book the wedding date and time with the onsite hotel wedding coordinator.

6. Upon completion of the “Save The Date” , Aisle Plan Your Day will contact the travel provider and get a “re-quote on travel” to secure the group booking rate which will allow a 2-3 week time-frame for guests to provide initial deposits and secure their reservation.

7. Aisle Plan Your Day will prepare the “Wedding Evite” for Bride & Groom outlining the exact details on how-to-book and the deposit & final payment information. This also provides a list of all departure city costs for invited guests and wedding planner contact information. This will help immensely with answering any of your guests’ numerous questions so they are not hounding you every day.

8. The Bride & Groom will send out the Wedding Evite on the agreed date of re-quote from travel provider.

9. Aisle Plan Your Day will work with our travel partner; Travel Only and will look after securing initial deposits from guests, along with final payments, upgrade requests from guests, travel insurance inquiries and further departures for guests.

10. Aisle Plan Your Day will provide complete wedding planning package services and work with the selected venue and onsite coordinator at resort or private venue to ensure all details from beginning to end are looked after along with Wedding Documents consulting & processing.