When my husband and I first got engaged we thought a destination wedding would be easier for us to plan as we both have hectic schedules. Also we always knew, and our family always knew, that nothing said us more than a destination wedding. We researched ourselves and found a place that we loved thanks to the private location it offered. After booking we quickly realized how difficult it was to communicate with the resort. And we both had no idea what we were doing. Once we acknowledged it was not going to be the stress free wedding planning that we had thought a destination wedding entailed, we knew we needed help. After emailing a few local wedding planners I was consistently given the same name of a person to help me out for a destination wedding. That was Monica.

As we walked away from our first meeting with Monica, we both knew she was perfect for helping us have the wedding of our dreams. Monica brought up details I would have never have thought of and her personality was so charismatic and warming, we both felt relieved to have someone in our corner. When our resort started giving us issues with the initial planning process, as stressed as I got, Monica was always there helping alleviate the situation. What Monica was able to do with her professionalism and her expertise in wedding planning, I would never be able to replicate by myself. Monica was also able to deal with my difficult schedule and never got impatient when I was unable to get back to her when she provided me with tasks to do. Despite my crazy Type A personality she was always laid back and helped me feel relaxed with every detail.

When it came to the wedding I think the words “absolutely beautiful” and “one of the best weddings I have been to” were common comments from many of my guests. Monica took the ideas we talked about and went beyond what I could have ever imagined. We told Monica our number one thing was for our guests to have a great time and it was absolutely delivered. And while her work is wedding planning, she was the first to come to my aid when I had an allergic reaction to the makeup the stylist used the night before the big day for my trial. She was a great support to have the day of and I could not have asked for more. Monica was also able to suggest a photographer that captured the day more than I could ever expected and have gotten nothing but great feedback from his work.

Monica, to me, you were more than a wedding planner at my wedding, you were a guest, a part of the people who got to share our special day with us, you just happened to be the mastermind behind my special day. For that I truly thank you.

I would highly recommend Monica to anyone planning on having a destination wedding, she is amazing & a real Travel Guru!

Lindsay & Paul Dasilva


As high school sweet hearts we went on our first date to see the movie The Beach and never looked back. Coming from different places in the world ourselves we loved exploring countries we had never been to and then one day on a beautiful beach in Cuba came the incredible proposal. So naturally for travel junkies like us, a destination wedding ON THE BEACH, somewhere exotic where we could gather up as many of our family and friends as we could; was the ultimate dream. A tropical back drop and intimate setting sprinkled with every little touch that made it our own was the vision we had for our wedding day.

Monica understood that vision and made sure to deliver to us that unique most spectacular day in our lives. We relied on Monica for her experience in planning specifically destination weddings and extensive knowledge of a destination we planned to have our wedding in, but, unlike her, had never been to ourselves. Monica made sure to present us with all the options and allowed us to make our own decisions guiding us with helpful lessons learned from her prior experiences. We found that having Monica communicate with the vendors to outline our expectations for the execution of our vision took the pressure off of us and gave us time to enjoy the process and work on the special details of the wedding.

When elements we wanted didn’t work with timelines of certain vendors or venues she found and/or negotiated workarounds where we didn’t have to compromise what was most important to us on our wedding day. This in particular was where the value of having someone as resourceful as Monica in our corner really mattered.

Monica made herself available to all our guests and helped plan excursions for our week in Jamaica, to make it a real experience for everyone. Many of the vendors she recommended she had worked with before, so they were reliable and professional and went above and beyond. When you are planning a destination wedding you will be choosing a lot of elements via descriptions and photos, therefore, it is really important to have the assistance of someone with background knowledge of how weddings are planned in those particular destinations, what options will be available on and off resort and how to get the best value. This is the reason to hire Monica, because this is what she knows best and her advice was invaluable.

The day of the wedding was emotional, we were in the moment and busy getting ourselves ready, therefore, having Monica on the ground organizing everything that day was much appreciated. Monica was enthusiastic and supportive throughout the entire process and we loved that she shared our excitement for all our ideas. From the big stuff like decor, food and entertainment to every detail and the atmosphere created; our wedding day was a true reflection of us and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thank-you Monica!

I would highly recommend Monica to anyone planning on having a destination wedding, she is amazing & a real Travel Guru!

Ivan and Luba Karacic


Collin and I had been together for 7 years and we always knew eventually we would tie the knot, so when it finally came down to start the Wedding Planning I was beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed. Where do we start? Where are we going to have it? What’s going to be the theme? Needless to say I was feeling a little bit stressed out about the whole thing. It took a little convincing, but Collin finally got me to agree to have a destination wedding. After chatting with a few agents and actually losing some money on an online destination wedding site, I was referred to Monica Caesar of Aisle Plan Your Day. By far the BEST referral I have ever received!

Collin, my mom & I all went to meet Monica and we hit it off right from the start. Monica is very personable, knowledgeable, resourceful and passionate! Right after our first initial meeting we knew she was hired. The rest is history.

Throughout the months leading up to the wedding Monica was so easy to work with. I told her what I wanted and she gave me her professional advice. She was so helpful and made the whole process a lot less stressful. She made wedding planning fun, the way it should be.

We had the most GORGEOUS peacock theme wedding in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and I cannot Thank Monica enough for turning our dreams into a reality. She mastered everything from the décor, vendors and entertainment right down to all the small details. Monica went above and beyond for us and truly made our day memorable, not only for us, but for all our guests as well. We had numerous compliments from our guests stating that “this is the most beautiful wedding they had ever been too”.

Monica wasn’t just there for the wedding but for the whole aspect of our trip. She made herself available to our guests, whether it was booking excursions or telling us about some Jamaican history.

I would highly recommend Monica to anyone planning on having a destination wedding, she is amazing & a real Travel Guru!


Breanna & Collin Harnesk


Joel and I had always dreamed of having a destination wedding… I mean who doesn’t want their dream venue with absolutely perfect weather?

We met about 4 and a half years ago and we had done everything together; travel, bought a house, adopted cats but with all this being said, we had never planned anything before… in fact we were pretty much non-planners. “How hard can this be?”…we thought? And so I started the process; I didn’t get far in before I was almost literally pulling my hair out… I was not enjoying planning our dream wedding at all.

Finally after much convincing I was able to pull Joel away to meet coordinators; Here’s where the “amazing” Monica Hill comes in. We first met to have a quick consultation and clicked with her right away; we had only just met this woman and she literally knew exactly who we were.

As we left, before we even got out to the car we knew she was hired. This is single handedly the best decision regarding the wedding we had made.

Monica we thank you from the bottom of our hearts; you not only helped us with our vision… You saved us so much money, sanity and delivered a beautiful wedding we will honestly remember for the rest of our lives.

Our whole experience with you was unbelievable. We truly feel blessed to have met you and feel confident to recommend your services to all our friends and family. You are a great friend and we wish you all the best!

Much Love, Ami and Joel Batac


My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Monica to plan our dream wedding in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. Monica had planned a domestic wedding that I had been a part of a few years prior to my engagement so I knew that she was the one to talk to about getting things started for my own wedding. After our first meeting, Kyle and I knew we had to have Monica’s assistance with our big day! Monica’s organization and attention to detail was apparent from the outset. Upon hearing our plans to get married in Jamaica she suggested a private venue rather than a regular resort wedding, something that we would never have thought was an option. She set out locating hidden gems and provided us with a set of proposals that fit our budget and included all of the little details we had decided were a must.

Throughout the entire planning process Monica worked tirelessly to answer all of our questions, locate and communicate with local vendors, and plan special details for the day itself. Her knowledge of the island and how to deal with local vendors is unreal and made the whole planning process simple and stress free. Throughout the year and a half planning process there was not one occasion where we felt stressed or uneasy about anything wedding related.

Upon arriving at the resort Monica was ready and waiting to greet our group and outline all of the week’s events. She created minute-by-minute schedules for the day-of, organized local transportation, and supplied suggestions for activities following the wedding as well. When we arrived at the venue on our wedding day it was nothing short of spectacular! Monica had made our vision a reality and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. From the private waterfall ceremony to the reception under a silk tent in the jungle, it was our fairy tale wedding and none of it would have been possible without Monica’s attention to detail and dedication to her job. She is truly passionate about what she does and it shows in every aspect of the planning process. We are so glad that we had Monica to help plan our big day and couldn’t imagine having done it any other way!

Sarah and Kyle Witiw


We had decided that we would like to do a destination wedding quite early on. After going at it by ourselves, it became clear that there was quite a lot of work involved. On top of the regular wedding planning, there was the correspondence that needed to be done with the resort that we were going to. Since this was our first wedding we were admittedly lost. We located Monica at Aisle plan your day on the Internet and set up the preliminary meeting. It was clear after the first meeting that Monica knew what she was doing.

Monica helped us with communicating with the resort wedding planner to make our day the way we wanted it. Monica also helped us set up an itinerary for our destination week and wedding day. She helped us organize a gift bag to give to our guests, which included information that Monica had provided us. All our guests commented on the benefit of having that information. Monica provided us with decoration and clothing ideas, which added those special little touches that made our wedding unique. It was a nice touch that we would not have done ourselves.

Monica had been in touch with the wedding coordinator at the resort. When we met with the resort planner things went smoothly because all the planning and preparation had been done before hand and all we did was confirm.

Prior to departure we had had problems with a vendor for the groomsmen suits. We also had a lot of difficulty with our travel agent, we didn’t use the one that Monica recommends as we located the travel agent before we signed up with Monica. Monica was professional while dealing with the travel agent to cover up all of the agent’s mistakes. She also helped us with our suit emergency ad we were able to get all of our groomsmen fitted for new gear the week before we left after a vendor messed up.

We would recommend Monica to anyone who was planning a wedding here or abroad. Her assistance and expertise was an amazing help in the planning and preparation for our destination wedding.

Jef and Allie

Dear Monica, Words cannot express how much we appreciate everything that you have done throughout this past year to help us plan the wedding of our dreams. A few of the comments that have come from our family and friends have been “Amazing”, “Beautiful”, and “Absolute Paradise”. You took the vision from my head and made it a reality, even more so you made it better then I could have imagined. There were times when dealing with people that we had contracted that were beyond changeling, and every time you managed to calm me down and completely mitigate the situation. On many occasions I have said to Wally that I do not know what I would have done without you and that your patience amazes me. I truly believe that there is no better person suited to be a wedding planner then you.

You managed to plan our wedding in Jamaica, to include 53 people from across Canada, and all while you were in Edmonton and I was in Calgary. I tell people how smoothly you made this process for Wally and I, and I honestly think that they do not believe me at times. While you were not in the city with me, you were always there via phone or email if I needed anything so it seemed as if we were in the same city.

Through this process I truly feel that I have gained a sister and a friend. You know more about me now then a lot of my closets friends, and I have trusted you with one of the biggest tasks in our lives. I know that while our Wedding is over, you will be a part of our lives in the years to come.

Your Friends, Crystal & Walter Corcoran, Calgary, AB
(Wedding- Montego Bay, Jamaica. March 5th, 2012)

There aren’t enough words to thank you enough for the wonderful job that you did for our wedding. It was absolutely perfect. We had so many compliments on the beautiful ceremony, and the reception. We gave you all the ideas we wanted for the day and you put it all together. It was so easy to talk to you, and ask for help with anything. You are such a wonderful, amazing, and talented person. We couldn’t have imagined trying to put this all together without you. Thank you for making our day stress free and more amazing than we envisioned it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Elizabeth & Morgan

Darin and I first met with Monica 2 years prior to our wedding. Upon meeting with her Darin and I both knew we had made the right choice in seeking her help and expertise for our big day and that a great friendship was about to start. It is very easy and pleasant to see that Monica loves to do what she does, we both felt really comfortable speaking with her, she portrays empathy, love and just so much care for weddings and for us the bride and groom. To have someone as knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated as Monica was fortunate.

Monica would tell us what had to be done, when it should be done and would guide us thru it all. Monica was there every step of the way from helping us choosing a resort, booking and organizing the guests, shopping for supplies, wedding day preparation and this is only to name of few. Monica also brought to the wedding planning her budget saving cost ideas along with her creativity and good eye for elegant, fun and classy décor.

We decided to bring Monica with us on our wedding week to Dreams Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Having Monica with us onsite at the resort, made it so easy and stress free, she was there to deal with any little thing; from setting up meetings with resort wedding coordinator to dealing with our guests when problems/questions came up and everything in between.

The day of the wedding, all went perfect. The site for the wedding was more beautiful than we could imagine and Monica and the site coordinator were in total control. The ceremony set up was wonderful and exactly what we wanted and more, the flowers, the music, the decorations were amazing. The cocktails and reception were perfect, guests were happy and the food was delicious. The evening program went according to plan. Monica truly made our special day special and the one day that we will never forget.

Beyond our satisfaction with the wedding day celebration and the planning, is our personal gratitude to Monica for making our wedding planning experience so easy, joyful, stress free and customized to our desires.We would like to thank Monica for all her hard work and dedication to make our dream day exactly that. We would highly recommend Monica Hill from Aisle plan your day for your destination wedding!

Jessica & Darin Shaw

“Monica was our day-of-wedding coordinator on September 12, 2009, and it was an absolute pleasure working with her. I honestly do not know what we would have done without her. She took care of all the details, as well as, all the intricate details that we had not have even thought about. Her bubbly personality and enthusiasm made her services all the much better–not to mention her impeccable taste. Our day was a lot less worry free, and I knew she had everything taken care of. Our wedding was truly beautiful, and I would highly recommend her to anyone!”

Kirsteen and Kyle

“Monica was our day-of wedding coordinator this past May. It was great knowing that on the big day, we had someone else to do all the little things! It was also great knowing that the week leading up to the wedding, she was calling vendors to confirm all the details. It was easy to relax and enjoy our wedding – just what we wanted! Thanks Monica!”

Sonnia and Jason

“Monica coordinated our wedding and I can’t imagine having done it without her. She thought of all the details I never would have, and ensured that everything came together perfectly on the day of the wedding. We have had a ton of compliments on how beautiful the wedding was, and my husband and I were completely relaxed”

Jay and Daina

“Once the day got closer and the stress levels increased, I quickly figured out I needed a wedding planner, and an incredible one at that… Monica literally saved the day for me and made my wedding planning experience so much more enjoyable knowing I had someone there to help with or do whatever I needed and Monica did exactly that! 5 minutes after meeting her I felt as though I had gained not just a wedding planner but an incredible friend who was so genuine and so much fun! It was an absolute privilege to have Monica, be a part of our perfect wedding day! She is absolutely amazing and I have no idea how we could have done it without her! Her personality and creativity set her well above the rest and her incredible attention to detail, keeping everything to a schedule and remembering the little details you don’t even think of made our stress level go from a 10 to a negative 2! We can’t even begin to thank you enough for the time and effort you put into making our day so incredibly perfect! Words can’t even begin to explain how beautiful and smooth the whole day went because of Monica! Any bride who gets the privilege to work with Monica, will have the most incredible wedding experience you could ever hope for! Thank again so much truly from the bottom of our hearts!”

Tara and Kyle

“We were very fortunate to be able to acquire Monica’s services for our wedding day…it definitely wouldn’t have been the same without her organization and dedication to the details. She arrived early to ensure that everything would proceed flawlessly for our ceremony and coordinated the evening events with the Banquet and Catering management/staff. With all the worry and stress associated with any wedding day, Monica was indispensable in helping to lighten that burden so that we were able to fully enjoy our big day!”

Rhea and Mike