Why Choose a Destination Wedding?

Right now you may be wondering whether or not a destination wedding is right for you. While a wedding in the Caribbean may be a dream come true for many, you have to ask yourself is it for you. Often, couples choose to have a destination wedding because the location is personally significant. Perhaps the two of you first realized you were in love on vacation in the Caribbean. Perhaps he popped the question during that week-long cruise you two took together.

In addition to personal significance, many couples choose to have a destination wedding simply for the romance of travel. Sometimes the decision is made because there is a need to escape. Perhaps you have already started planning a traditional wedding and found it is not what you want.

Here’s some reasons on why choosing a destination wedding might be right for you:

Once in a Lifetime Reunion:

Perhaps you have family all across the country, or all across the world and most guests will need to travel regardless of where your wedding is located – so meet in paradise! Imagine having all of your close friends and family together for celebrating you and your love. Your wedding will not only be a vacation for many, but also a reunion.

One on One time With Guests:

Destination weddings tend to be smaller, more intimate events. The guest list of a destination wedding is usually smaller which allows you to indulge in extra luxuries and invite your closest friends and family. Spend more quality time with those you love. A destination wedding provides you with relaxing days to unwind and enjoy time with those you love.

Unique & Memorable Wedding Experience:

A destination wedding allows for creativity reflecting the tastes and styles of you and your fiance. You can have a religious ceremony and traditional wedding if you want or do something different and make it completely your own. Even if your tastes are traditional, a destination wedding will be unlike any other wedding. You can express yourself. Unlike a traditional wedding, a destination wedding lets you think outside of the box and expected traditions. You can create a wedding as unique as you are.

Cost Effective:

You would like to spend less on your wedding. The average cost of a Canadian wedding is $30,000 (and may be more if you live in major cities). Destination weddings are considerable less cost than this. If your budget is restrictive, Mexico and the Caribbean provide great value and even free weddings in some cases.

Start the honeymoon early:

You can experience your very own “wedding-moon” (wedding and honeymoon combined)! You have already purchased your airfare, so why not take the second week and enjoy your wedded bliss. You can stay where you are… or change locations for a new experience.

Eloping & 2nd Marriages:

You would like to privately elope in paradise. You can be legally wed abroad; the resort can provide witnesses and then if you like, have your wedding reception when you return home!

Grooms Like to Get Involved:

Whether it is deciding on gift bags or coordinating guest outings, grooms seem to be more involved in destination wedding planning. Specifically, grooms enjoy organizing the smaller events such as day outings and happy hour mixers.

Amazing Photos & Memories:

Imagine how your photos will look, straight out of a magazine; that you and your fiancé will enjoy forever. You can also have the entire wedding week documented and provide picture albums to your guests as a thank you for attending the wedding.

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